Fearless Moose Mother Battles Two Wolves To Protect Her Calf

A game camera set up in a Swedish forest recently captured a life or death battle between two predatory wolves and a mother moose who does all she can to protect her calf from harm.

Uploaded to YouTube Wednesday by Jakt & Jägare, a Swedish hunting website, the video was reportedly filmed at a salt lick in Värmland, Sweden.

Warning: Dramatic footage ahead

As Swedish news site Nyheter24 notes, the moose mother made a valiant effort, but it’s likely that she lost this fight in the end.

Last year, another video of a brave moose mom fighting a losing battle to protect her calf from a wolf pack went viral after being posted on YouTube. At the time, many netizens noted that it was both a moving example of a mother's boundless love, but also a stark reminder of the sometimes-brutality of the circle of life.



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