'Moovz,' Gay Social Network, Launched By Interacting Technology

A new social network called Moovz has hit the market, seeking to connect and establish meaningful relationships among gay men on a global level.

Released by Interacting Technology, Moovz is a social network available in eight different languages that initially launched with over 25 million interactions by users worldwide. Available on both desktop and mobile, the platform's overarching goal is to provide real-time interaction and authentic user engagement on a global scale within the gay male community.

“Through recent years, with the growth of the gay population worldwide, we have realized that there is a need for this community," Liav Eliash, Moovz's co-founder and CEO, said in a statement to The Huffington Post. "We wanted to build Moovz to provide gay men from around the world with the ability to connect like never before. Using customized advanced technologies, this revolutionary platform enables users to share their own content, chat in real-time, and interact with others. We believe that providing our Moovz platform for people around the globe who already have things in common will enable them to interact on a higher level and connect as a community."

Head here to check out Moovz through your computer, or see what the buzz is about on your Android or Apple device.



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