Woman Shares A Magical Bond With A Spotted Moray Eel In Incredible Diving Video

Decades ago, famed Australian ocean experts and cinematographers Valerie Taylor and her husband Ron began swimming the oceans, studying marine life.

Ron captured hours of footage of Valerie sharing special bonds with different aquatic species, but one of the more incredible moments was her unique relationship with a spotted moral eel named Honey.

When the two first met in 1974 at Honey's home near Banda Island, Indonesia, the eel was very timid around Valerie.

But after a few years, something changed.

"She didn't just come out. She swam around me, she swam between my legs, she nuzzled my face, and I thought this is amazing," Valerie says in the video posted by the Central Florida Aquarium Society. "And after that, we have been great friends, and now when she sees me coming... and I might not see her for a year (once I didn't see her for three years!), this thing comes out across the sand, and comes over to me and hugs and loves... there is no doubt in my mind that eel really likes me."

This video was shot years ago, and Ron has since passed away and Valerie rarely dives anymore. However, the Internet has not forgotten the amazing footage and the video was recently reposted online, garnering thousands of views in the last few days.

Remember, while Valerie's expertise and experience dealing with wildlife allowed her to safely approach the eel, it's always important to stay an appropriate distance from wild animals and respect them in their homes.

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