'Morbid Anatomy Anthology': Brooklyn Art Group Seeks Funding For Curious New Book (VIDEO)

Morbid Anatomy Gets A Little Weirder

Mummified remains, taxidermied animals, jarred body parts -- these are the images that greet you when you visit the Kickstarter page for Morbid Anatomy.

The curiously named organization, housed in the Proteus Gowanus Gallery space in Brooklyn, is an arts-meets-science, subcultural playhouse that hosts lectures, performances and art exhibits all in the name of, well, oddities. Officially described as a survey of "the interstices of art and medicine, death and culture," Morbid Anatomy is really just a creative laboratory where curious scientists, artists, writers and weirdos get together to explore the underworld of scholarship that no one else gives a second glance. From anthropodermic bibliopegy (books bound in human skin) to extreme taxidermy to death-themed cabaret in 19th century Paris, the group covers just about any macabre topic you could imagine.

Morbid Anatomy showcases its esoteric findings in two ways -- a library/pocket museum that showcases the books, photographs and ephemera of its obscure researchers and a presentation and lecture series titled "Morbid Anatomy Presents." But now the "rogue morticians" are seeking to add a third platform, announcing on their Kickstarter plans for a "Morbid Anatomy Anthology." The illustrated book will feature the best of the Morbid Anatomy Presents series, like the work of Anthropomorphic Mouse Taxidermy Class teacher Sue Jeiven or "Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads" author Stephen Asma.

The Kickstarter recently launched and already exceeded its goal. Check out the video above to learn more about the project of Joanna Ebenstein and Colin Dickey. What do you think, readers? Does Morbid Anatomy lean in the direction of beauty or horror?

For more taxidermic wonder, check out the work of UK-based artist Tessa Farmer in the slideshow below.


Tessa Farmer's Installations of Sinister Fairy Skeletons

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