More Companies Turning To Virtual Employees

Survey Says: Does Your Staff Live In The Cloud?

Does your staff live in the cloud? The 2011 Employment Review from Elance reports the number of businesses seeking to hire independent contractors who work remotely online doubled in 2011, and the trend is only going to grow: 83 percent of the small businesses surveyed said they plan to hire up to half of their workers as virtual in the next 12 months.

Technical skills continue to be hot commodities, and for 2012, here's what Elance predicts the 10 most promising online careers will be:

  1. Software Developer
  2. Visual Designer
  3. User Experience Designer
  4. Digital Marketer
  5. Technical Writer
  6. Web Researcher
  7. Data Analyst
  8. Content Moderator
  9. Accountant
  10. Distributed Workforce Manager

Why it matters to your business: If you're looking to hire without the expense and hassle of bringing a full-time employee on board, consider hiring independent contractors and working with them online. There are more skilled people out there looking for work than ever before -- so even if you're in need of specialized skills like those in the top 10 list above, you'll be able to find what you need.

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