More Fox Lies: Jeremiah Wright -- the Whole Sermon

When Obama said he'd never heard Rev. Wright say things like he said in that video, I believed him. In three years, I never heard anything like that, either.
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Fox News. You corrupt mouthpiece for a corrupt administration. I usually just ignore you and your leader Rupert Bush, but now you've gone too far. Several days ago you aired a clip of Jeremiah Wright -- Barack Obama's former Spiritual Advisor. The clips you found were incendiary, hateful, and taken out of context...anti-American. I was shocked to hear such words coming from the mouth of a man whose sermons I had listened to for at least three years as when I was a resident of Chicago and a member of the Trinity congregation.

I LOVED going to Trinity for several reasons. I found the congregation to be inviting, accepting of ALL people, ALL colors, ALL backgrounds. I found Jeremiah Wrights teachings to be progressive in nature, surprisingly political, informative, and sometimes funny. When Obama said he'd never heard Wright say things like he said in that video, I believed him. In three years, I never heard anything like that either. I heard him tell a story about how he told a woman that if she didn't like homosexuals in the church -- she should leave, because he wasn't making anyone else leave. I heard him systematically break down poverty in the black community, I heard him build up a congregation hungry for knowledge, and inspiration, but I never heard him say the things Fox News found. That should have been the moment it occurred to me that something was wrong. Fox News.

In the FULL version of a now infamous sermon from Jeremiah Wright, he discusses government, slavery and politics. But that's not all. He talks about how "blacks had an intelligent friend in the Oval Office" under the Clinton administration, and continues to say that we went from an intelligent friend from a dumb Dixie-crat; a rich Republican who has never held a job in his life. That's pretty funny. He then talks countries and their failed attempts at imperialism, which brings us to the section we all know and love. But I don't want to give it all away; you should watch it yourself.

I can see why Fox News would want to take Obama, the first black man with a shot at the White House, a man that has a groundswell of support from not just black voters, but white voters -- I can see why they would want to take him down when he bashes the dumb Dixie-crat in office and reminds us all that the election was stolen. Can't you?

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