More Guns, More People Get Shot. Do The Math.

I am in my hotel alone before a stand up gig, watching the terrible news of the shocking shootings in Conn. I have cried several times for the parents and loved ones of the victims. It was so horrific to hear of this, as the president spoke so eloquently of the murder of these beautiful young children and teachers. I struggle to put together a few words to try to express my feelings of this deep sadness.

I know that we need to have mental health available for people and less guns in the world so these awful shooting stop. How this will go down is on us as a Americans. I don't often write about write so strongly about my opinion without having experiencing it first hand. BUT the events on December 14th have cut me to the bone of what has happen to this country we call our home.

NO American needs an semi automatic fire arm. These guns have nothing to do the 2nd Amendment. They were not invented yet! As Lillian Hellman once said "I will not cut my consonance to fit this years fashions". Meaning, don't make things up so you can have a semi automatic fire arm!

Its simple. More guns, more people get shot. Do the math.