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NYC Moms Smoking Pot To Unwind: New York Post

More moms are tokin', according to a trend piece in today's New York Post. Among the research, the article features anecdotal evidence from Brooklyn mothers and the director of the New Jersey branch of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

“A lot of moms are telling us they’re not drinking anymore — that they’re replacing it with marijuana,” Chris Goldstein, executive director of the New Jersey branch of NORM , told the Post.

A Brooklyn mother agrees, “some moms are drinking very early in the day, starting around 4,” says Erica, whose name has been changed. “I would rather smoke a bowl, take the edge off and go about my day.”

The piece claims moms are using the drug for more than just unwinding, but also as a way to bond with their kids and experience the world from their perspective. “We have so much fun,” says Jennifer told the Post. “We read books and play and joke around and giggle.” Another mother noted that she felt it was easier to communicate with her pre-verbal child when she was high.

At least this logic seems solid. As Daily Intel points out, a stoned mother is basically the same thing as a little baby: "They both crave junk food, they both take unplanned naps, and they're both amused by cartoons, peekaboo, jingling keys, or pretty much anything."

Marijuana usage is up nationwide, so the fact that some members of the stroller brigade are joining the trend is less than shocking. In fact, The Village Voice says this story has been around for a while, pointing to a February blog on the Brooklyn Paper about the "secret to happiness," when writer Stephanie Thompson wrote, "Do what it takes to enjoy. Take a little something (but not too much) to help ease the pressure, a puff of something or a little wine."