More on Spitzer's Call Girl: Yearbook Photos, Nightclub Footage, and Video of Her In Elementary School Playing Sandy In "Grease"

Wow — it's amazing what 24 hours of solid digging will do, especially when you're the media and your target is a not-camera-shy aspiring singer with a MySpace page, online music profile and evidently, co-operative classmates with yearbooks and old videotapes. It started Wednesday night with the New York Times' revelation that Eliot Spitzer's call girl was one Ashley Alexandra Dupré, née Ashley Youmans. The article touched off a frenzy of interest by the media on and offline, and details about Dupré continued to pop up all day, from her MySpace motto to some musical collaborators — and in the report below "The Insider" takes it one step further, collecting all the Kristen/Ashley information plus video of her singing in a club, a still of a naked promo shot she took with her band, a shot of her walking to a car — plus what Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer think of it all. Watch:

More new info on Ashley/Kristen here; young Ashley Youmans as Sandy in "Grease" below. Summer dreams, ripped at the seams...