More People Blame Geithner for AIG Bonuses Than Bush

Interesting finding in the new Democracy Corps poll:

[N]early three-in-ten voters (29 percent) say that the AIG story raises no doubts at all in their mind about President Obama.

The same cannot be said for Geithner, as nearly half of voters (49 percent) report that the AIG scandal raises significant doubts, including nearly a quarter (24 percent) who say it raises extreme doubts about the Treasury Secretary. A majority of independent and moderate Republican voters alike report significant doubts about Secretary Geithner with 53 and 63 percent respectively reporting significant doubts.

I'm no pollster, but thinking back to the time when Summers and Geithner won the battle against tougher conditions for financial institutions, I'd say there's about a zero percent chance that Stan Greenberg released this without the blessing of his good friend David Axelrod.