More Problems for Globe University

Last week it was reported that the Pentagon placed Globe University and Minnesota School of Business on probation and the schools were barred from receiving some military educational benefits. A table of the schools listed on probation can be seen below.

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The money the schools receive from the Department of Defense does not affect the the millions of dollars that Globe/MSB schools receive from the GI Bill.

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Globe University and Minnesota School of Business make up part of Globe Education Network, a group of family-owned and managed for-profit colleges. Globe is currently being sued by the Minnesota Attorney General for deceiving criminal justice students and leaving them deep in debt.

The lawsuit from the attorney general is not the only legal trouble the school has been involved with. Last year, a jury ruled in favor of former dean, Heidi Weber, who sued the Globe for wrongful termination. Weber accused the school of manipulating and deceiving students and using inaccurate job placement rates. Last year current and former students of Globe/MSB also filed a class action claim against the schools, accusing the schools of misleading and lying to prospective students about job-placement rates, ability for students to transfer schools and accreditation.