More Proof That The Internet Isn't The Same For Men And Women

An experiment broke down how men and women are really treated online.

Whether it pops up in a woman's Facebook messages and Twitter feeds or is highlighted on a hit TV show like "Scandal," women facing harassment and being treated differently online are no new discoveries. Still, BuzzFeed decided to share a quick reminder of this unbalanced side of the Internet.

A man and woman did the same things on Periscope, a live streaming app, in a new video from BuzzFeed Yellow. After asking for suggestions on how to deal with a hangover and dancing, the participants in the video received distinct reactions from viewers.

For his hangover, the man received recommendations like "sleep it off" and "get your ass out of bed and suck it up." As for feedback for the woman, one viewer completely ignored her request for suggestions and jumped right into, "Are you lesbian?" The woman, who also consistently had more viewers than the man, continued to receive comments about her appearance (and even demands) during her live stream such as "show me boobs" and "remove your shrit [sic] babe."

At the end of the experiment, the man described the differences as "very severe." Sadly, the woman said the results weren't all that "surprising."

"I didn't have to say anything interesting," she said. "I didn't have to do anything to get attention, which kind of negates that I have a brain."

So would she give live streaming another shot? "Probably not," she said.

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