More Republican Thuggery

Trackers for the Judy Feder campaign trying to ask a question of Congressman Frank Wolf are assaulted and beaten by Wolf's people one of them using a cane, which in most states counts as a deadly weapon, making a simple A&B into aggravated assault, a felony.

The editors of the Washington Post seem unconcerned; apparently pork for Northern Virginia is more important than political violence, or for that matter Feder's superb qualifications as a genuine expert on health care.

Of course, since this was actual violence rather than made-up violence, CNN isn't likely to carry it. Bonus fact: Wolf used to chair the House Human Rights Caucus. I guess free speech doesn't count.

If watching the video makes you angry, here's a good vent for that anger.

Note to Democrats: Send the trackers out in pairs, so that one tracker can point a camera to record the violence against the other. And when this sort of crap happens, go straight to the cops and file charges.

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