More Than a Mug Shot

As Jeremy Meeks ascends into cyber superstardom from the confines of a Stockton, California jail cell while his handsome mugshot garners the lust of women (and men!) Internet wide, (straight) men all over social media have decided to shame those lusting for idolizing a criminal. These men appear to be very upset that women are so attracted to this man and not... them? I guess? Facebook and Twitter feeds are cluttered with presumptuous posts proclaiming, "it's such a shame women are thirsting after a criminal instead of men doing something good" as though they are assuming women are excusing Meeks' behavior because of his good looks. Well, I'll just clear that up for you right now -- we're not. Jeremy Meeks should still be punished to fullest extent of the law, and given his track record (he had a previous nine year stint in the clink), he'll be in there for awhile... looking fine as hell the whole time.

You see, there have been plenty of good looking criminals throughout human history, but a simple Google image search of "attractive mugshot" yields many more pictures of women than men. Sexy mugshots are nothing new, however even among the best looking ones of men, Meeks is truly an outlier. Not to mention the fact remains that he is still IN JAIL. No need to act like the state of California gave him a reduced sentence due to sexiness!

What women would really love to know though, is what is this "good" men are speaking of as they desperately tend to their egos on Facebook? We've already established that we're not excusing his behavior, but if you're going to post that as your defense here, please tell us more about all the good you do. We'd absolutely love to know what kind of contributions to society are being made by the men posting these accusations. Surely, they're too busy curing cancer and finding Nigerian kidnapping victims to go into right now, so let's just hope they can find some time later this week to let us know! Oh, and for what it's worth, a Google image search for "Nobel Peace Prize winners" does not conjure a very modelesque crew.

Furthermore, let's not forget men have lusted after women who are no more than complete and utter floozies since the dawn of time. Even female sex icons who aren't necessarily floozies are still setting the bar at an unrealistic standard of beauty and oftentimes their contributions to society are overlooked as the focal point remains on their sexuality. The difference is, we let you have your Marilyn Monroes, your Pam Andersons, your Kardashians, your Rihannas without going up in arms about it on Facebook all the time because it doesn't make us insecure. We know most men couldn't buy a second of those women's time with their life savings anyway.

Here in America, little girls start getting catcalled on the street before they even reach puberty. They learn by about 14-years-old to just ignore the men yelling obscenities at them from construction sites and cars on their daily walk to school. Being objectified by men is just part of American culture for women at this point, but what this whole fiasco has truly brought to light is that men, as it turns out, do not like to be objectified by women. Funny how that works, isn't it?