More Than Five Minutes

For most of the month, we've had five minutes (or less) to walk our suitcase and satchels into the theatre, dash behind the curtains and set out props, wigs and costumes for the show, do a sound check and zip me into my first (and largest) bridal gown. The first 14 shows, the play going on in Theatre 3 at theSpace at Surgeon's Hall, directly before us, didn't always end their show on time, so we sometimes didn't have our full five minutes to set up our show. When that show closed early, our theatre space was "dark" in the morning for three days. We arrived early, opened the three windows, opened the doors, turned on the fans and cooled down the theatre. Venue 53 isn't air conditioned, so the theatre's can get hot and stuffy. The shows that are late in the day can feel like you're sitting in a sweat lodge.

It's a real luxury to carefully set up our show, in 15 minutes, instead of five.

This morning I visited with a fellow actor/writer in a long closet in the lobby that serves as dressing room and storage area for Surgeon's Hall. He was in a sad place because he'd gotten a very poor review. I was able to employ the listening techniques taught by the Samaritan's in the Mental Health class my mom and I took. I actively listened. Didn't judge, didn't offer suggestions, I just listened in a supportive manner and let him know I heard what he was saying.

We went to a fantastic concert, at TheSpace at Triplex, called The Blues (featuring the band Blues Water). Besides playing great songs, the lead singer also delivered a lesson on blues music. We learned something in addition to hearing great blues. The band was really tight, there was a horn section, three guitars two vocalists, a drummer and a keyboard player. We remember seeing them at the Edinburgh Fringe when we were there in 2012, with The Property Known As Garland. They were good then, but they've gotten even better.

If music be the food of love... play on.