Top Travel Blogs To Discover This Summer

There are new travel blogs that are extremely interesting and also travel blog veterans that continue to publish great content. Here are some of my favorites.
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I started travel blogging in May of 2010 which puts me just past the two-year mark. I have seen many changes in the industry in that short time and have seen people come and go as well as rise and fall.

I was just reading Michael Hudson's post here in The Huffington Post where he mentioned the the top travel bloggers you should discover.

I was honored to be on that list with my Wandering Trader travel site where I share a series of travel blogs about my excursions day trading around the world. I wanted to follow that list up with some of the best new and old travel blogs to discover.

There are new travel blogs that are extremely interesting and also travel blog veterans that continue to publish great content. Some of the travel bloggers below do more than just travel blogging, which I think is the new norm in travel blogger industry.

If you are reading this you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for in terms of travel, with the list below and also get a bit extra.

Traveling To Colombia by Brice Peressini.
I had the pleasure of meeting Brice, a new travel blogger, while I was living in Medellin, Colombia. We hit it off right away since he is a professional day trader and decided that we should get to know each other better over sushi during Carnival in Colombia. He is an excellent writer and takes amazing pictures with his underpowered point and shoot camera. Another surprise is that he is an avid cyclist and just finished up a cycling tour through the coffee region in Colombia. Brice also others find financial freedom through day trading by helping people learn how to day trade at The Day Trading Academy.

Go, See, Write by Michael Hudson.
This man not only used to be a former attorney from Arkansas but also refuses to take any air transportation unless he is traveling through a large ocean. The man has been to amazing places around the world including the off the beat locations like Ethiopia and Somaliland. He hosts a great interview series where he asks travel bloggers around the world lucky 13 questions that are completely random.

LatinAbroad by Maria Alexandra.
One of my favorite new travel blogs, especially since I have known Maria's spunky and extraverted personality for almost 10 years now. She is as brave as they come having hitchhiked and traveled through much of the Middle East by herself! She talks about her unique trip through the Middle East on her niche travel blog called Travel The Middle East. She loves to learn new languages and is fluent in Spanish, English, Arabic and Spanglish. If you ever need a translation, she is the woman to speak to.

Legal Nomads by Jodi Ettenberg.
Jodi, a formal lawyer, shares her fascinating story on her travel blog while also sharing her affection for marshmallows. Seriously, the woman is a marshmallow enthusiast. She has a unique talent to find things on the web that are awesome and interesting, and she makes you ask yourself where the heck she finds this stuff. She takes amazing pictures and has a very unique writing style. I was lucky to meet Jodi in Uruguay and then again in Buenos Aires. The Canada native reps traveling lawyers around the world and makes you feel like you have a friend for years.

The Planet D by Canada's Adventure Couple, Dave and Deb.
These travel blog veterans have a great travel blog that shares unique stories and photos that have been featured on National Geographic. Sometimes they are too cool for NatGeo when they are busy being featured on TV in Canada and also creating partnerships with a handful of titans in the travel industry, cough, Expedia, cough. They are all about Twitter, and once you meet them they will immediately be a friend for life. Dave & Deb were two of the first travel bloggers that I met when I visited Canada. We even dined in complete darkness at O'noir, a restaurant designed to assist the blind find employment. We ate in the dark, complete darkness.

Uncornered Market by Dan & Audrey.
These two senior travel bloggers will always impress you with their unique destinations and amazing 360-degree panorama pictures they take. They have been through the remotest of areas in Africa and also recently visited Iran, yes, that Iran. Count in all the "-stan countries" in central Asia, and they have been to a ton of countries that many people haven't even heard of. Definitely check them out you won't be disappointed.

Tourist 2 Townie by Gareth Leonard.
The focus of Gareth's blog isn't quantity, it's quality. He currently is traveling through South America and decides to spend more time getting to know the people of a country rather than trying to visit every tourist attraction and country in the world. He travels deeper than most and has a better sense of humor as well. His current focus is to process more video on the blog. I Fink You Freaky Bolivia is one of his best works yet, and if you sign up for his email newsletter you can be friends with benefits.

There you have it, two handfuls of people that you should get to know in the travel blogger world. I chose these bloggers because they are some of the best in the industry, and once you start reading their blogs you are certainly going to have a need to check on them regularly. Most of these people won't be seen in any major magazines so give them a chance and share them with your friends.

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