More water for the world


Today's an important day. A milestone day. Today, we, in cooperation with the international NGO World Vision, can celebrate having reached 300,000 people with water. 300,000 new people, for whom water haven't been easily accessible - if accessible at all. People living in developing societies south of the Sahara . Until now, many of these people have had to travel vast distances to collect water. Often on foot. And it goes without saying, this consumes plenty of time and effort. Now those days are over. And the people can now use their new-gained access to water to improve their lives, building sustainable business around their water points.

World Vision has played a tremendous part in making this reality. They have the knowledge of the societies and the connections to help build sustainable sources for water. We are happy to be part of that equation through our innovative water technology and fruitful partnerships. In the collaboration with World Vision, our solar powered submersible pumps, which are used in for instance wells, are becoming the "tool of choice" to make water flow in rural, off-grid areas. That makes me proud.

However, this significant milestone we and World Vision can feel proud about, is not where our journey stops. Our joint ambitions reach further. Towards 2020, we want to reach two million people with water.

Adding to that, I personally feel very good about the fact that this partnership puts further thrust to the UN's immensely important and ambitious Sustainable Development Goals. Here, I'm specifically thinking about SDG 6, clean water and sanitation for all by 2030 and SDG 13, take action against climate change. Because if we are to reach that target, it takes exactly innovative partnerships spanning the political, private and civil spheres to succeed. Today, we have come a bit of the way.

Towards more milestones.