More YouTube Greatness: Mike Gravel Panders to the Cahiers du Cinema Set.

The run-up 2008 Presidential campaign has already been a dizzy little festival of non-traditional media, with YouTube emerging as a venue where all aspects of the revolution have been televised. We've seen campaign launches, controversial ads, and, in short order, YouTube will share the stage with CNN in a jointly sponsored debate that will blend the full-tilt drama of candidates avoiding answering questions with the high-wire thrill of buffering.

But this week, no one's blowing up the spot more than Democratic candidate Mike Gravel, who, in a pair of art-house campaign spots available on YouTube, has emerged as the go-to candidate if you are looking for a President who will adhere to most of the conventions of Dogme 95. We urge you to check out this commercial in particular, in which Gravel makes it clear that if you don't vote for him, he will totally murder Laura Palmer or something.