Actress Morena Baccarin Got 'Hate Tweets' After This Controversial 'Homeland' Scene

One scene with the Quran hit a nerve with some viewers.

While "Homeland" has been praised for its frank take on the post-9/11 era, not every scene has been a hit among viewers. In fact, there was one particular Season 2 moment that especially rubbed Twitter users the wrong way, actress Morena Baccarin told HuffPost Live.

Baccarin, who stars alongside Ryan Reynolds in the latest Marvel film "Deadpool," looked back on the controversial scene with host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.

"There was some stuff that we did in the second season where I throw the Quran on the floor when I'm angry at [Nick] Brody, and I did get some hate tweets about that," she said. "People forget that you're just expressing what's given to you to read on the script. Of course you take some responsibility for actually doing it, but it's a story."

The "Showtime" series has been no stranger to controversy since it first premiered in 2011, and has been called out for its problematic depiction of Islam. Baccarin said there were a few times while filming when she anticipated a strong viewer response to an episode, particularly for scenes that hit "close to home."

"We're telling a story, and that is the beautiful thing about being on a show or a movie is you get to express something," she said. "But at times it was a little bit close to home, and you just kind of felt like, what's going to happen? Are people going to be upset about this? What can you do?"

Despite the reactions following Baccarin's scene with the Quran, the actress praised the show's writers for tackling serious issues, even if they may be divisive.

"I think it's really amazing that the writers don't shy away from it," she said. "They really just keep at it and kind of don't care how much trouble they're going to get into. They want to tell the story they want to tell."

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with Morena Baccarin here.

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