Morena Baccarin and Morgan Saylor's 'Homeland' Roles Get Smaller In Season 4

According to reports, Morena Baccarin, who plays Jessica Brody, and Morgan Saylor, a.k.a. Dana Brody a.k.a. the most hated teenager on cable TV, will only be in Season 4 sparingly.

As TVLine's Michael Ausiello points out, the news isn't that surprising given the arc of Season 3. Both characters were dealing with the aftermath of the Langley bombing in the first half of the season, but by the second half, neither had a major role in the undercover operation to place Brody inside Iran.

Saylor's character attempted suicide before the season started. When we found her in the beginning of Season 3, she was in a rehab facility, falling in love, having sex in a laundry room and learning that her boyfriend may or may not be a murderer.

As Saylor's TV mom, Baccarin spent most of Season 3 fretting over her children. Due to her real-life pregnancy, she was absent near the end of the season.

The "Homeland" Season 3 finale airs on Sunday, Dec. 15 at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime.