Morgan Freeman Isn't Going To Respond To Your Marriage Proposals, Internet (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Feb. 21 -- Take heart, semi-anonymous Redditor! A representative for Morgan Freeman has informed HuffPost that a headshot of Freeman -- inscribed "keep dreaming" and said to have been sent in response to the Redditor's marriage proposal -- is in fact a forgery and not the work of the acclaimed actor.

The spokesman did say, however, that it's unlikely that Freeman would have responded at all. The twice-divorced actor may just not have time for that.


One brave Redditor by the name of Jake sent Morgan Freeman some fan mail, asking if the actor would marry him.

This is what he got in return. "Not going to lie, I'm kinda hurt," Jake wrote.

Whether the response was an intentional rejection (unlikely) or just a happy and hilarious accident, we'll never know. Now read this again in your best Morgan Freeman voice.

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