Morgan Freeman: I'm Sexist But I'm Not A Misogynist

Huh? 😕😕😕
Morgan Freeman: sexist, yeah, but not a misogynist. 
Morgan Freeman: sexist, yeah, but not a misogynist. 

It seems that Morgan Freeman might be a tad bit confused when it comes to sexism vs. misogyny. 

The veteran actor and Voice of God made a few off-color statements during a panel discussion at the Produced By conference on June 4. He spoke about working with Producers Guild president Lori McCreary, who is also the co-founder of his production company Revelations Entertainment. 

Freeman said of McCreary: "She doesn't want to be thought of as a pretty face. She wants to be thought of as serious. But you can't get away from the short dresses."


When moderator Mark Gordon pointed out that Freeman's comments might sound sexist to some people, the 79-year-old actor replied: “Sexist? Yeah, but I’m not misogynistic.”

As a refresher, sexism is discrimination against women, while misogyny is the outright hatred of women. Of course, the way sexism and misogyny manifest in everyday life is far more complex than that, but the the two often go hand-in-hand

One could argue that it all comes down to semantics. And for what it's worth, McCreary did not seem (visibly) upset or offended by Freeman's statement, according to The Hollywood Reporter. But, ultimately, while Freeman may not think of himself as a raging woman-hater, the ease with which he makes sexist comments about his colleague in a public forum and then unapologetically admits to the sexist nature of his comments is pretty messed up. 

We can expect a little better from our Voice of God. 



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