Morgan Freeman Talks About Those Pesky Internet Rumors That He's Dead On 'The Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

It could be seen as more of a public service every time Morgan Freeman makes a public appearance. When he dropped by "The Tonight Show," it was clear that for at least that moment he was still alive. Freeman talked about those persistent rumors that crop up on the Internet that he has died.

"It’s an amazing sort of bitter news to learn that you have deceased somewhere," Freeman said. He then mimed receiving a message from a friend asking, "Are you dead?"

"Nope. Not yet," Freeman responded.

Freeman did have a theory as to the August rumor of his passing. Actor Al Freeman Jr. passed away that month. Perhaps the mix-up originated there. Or maybe people like to mess with him by posting that he's died because he always seems to laugh it off and have fun with it.

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