'Morgan Freeman' Reads Deranged Sorority Girl Email (VIDEO) (EXPLICIT LANGAGE)

WATCH: 'Morgan Freeman' Reads Insane Sorority Girl Email

It's been said that Morgan Freeman's voice may "hold the key to life." And if you've ever wanted to hear that buttery smooth voice read the words "c**t punt," now is your chance.

After an insane sorority girl's email took the internet by storm last month, our Comedy team authored a gun control parody styled after the expletive-laden rant. Then came a dark, Oscar-worthy reading of the email by Michael Shannon and a (slightly) brighter Barbie version. Little did we know a Morgan Freeman reading of the deranged sorority email was yet to come.

We need to point out this isn't actually Morgan Freeman -- it's Josh Robert Thompson, a talented voice artist -- but were it not for the disclaimer at the beginning of the video, we would have never known the difference.

Watch 'Morgan Freeman' read the deranged sorority email (below).

WARNING: Video uses explicit language. A lot of it.

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