Morgan Griffith Is Dazed And Confused On Guns

Morgan makes the ridiculous false equivalent that terrorists using cars as a weapon are the same as this plague of gun violence.

Well, there he goes again. Morgan Griffith is too much of a coward to face his constituents in a town hall meeting so in lieu of that, he writes utter nonsense like his latest letter to the editor linking terrorist attacks by cars to gun control.

He asserts that in the wake of these attacks, there are new calls for gun control. Maybe his staff found some obscure story on Fox or Brietbart or and came up with this idea, but I work closely with gun violence prevention groups and what he says is simply not true. Our message is consistent, and I’ve seen no spike tied to the events in Europe.

Morgan makes the ridiculous false equivalent that terrorists using cars as a weapon are the same as this plague of gun violence. It’s the same flawed “whataboutism” we see from him and his ilk time after time. Sure, a hammer or a knife or a toaster for that matter can be used to kill someone. But hammers and knives don’t kill 90 people a day. As tragic as the terrorist incidents involving cars are, making that comparison is flawed and insulting.

But Morgan does make that comparison. His answer is to do nothing to save lives by keeping the wrong people from getting their hands on guns. It’s been working so well, why not just continue with the same flawed logic? Or better yet, let’s just arm everyone and have mass shootouts. Eight to eighty, blind crippled or crazy, you need a gun, no questions asked! That’s Morgan’s solution.

Gun sales have plummeted since there’s no Obama or Clinton boogeyman coming to abscond with all the guns. So, the NRA had to invent another reason to stoke the paranoia of the already paranoid. If you watch and listen to the rhetoric coming from Dana Loesch and Wayne LaPierre, they encourage violence toward anyone questioning Trump, his agenda and his cronies like Griffith. The free press are literally in their crosshairs for exposing the nonstop lies. Sadly, many reading this post know the truth and simply don’t care.

Wayne must’ve looked at the numbers this week and called Morgan. “We’re not selling near enough guns, Morgan. We need you to do something, since we pay you all this money.” And Morgan obliged and invented this attempt to tie the tragedies in Europe to gun control.

Anytime someone like me advocating sensible gun legislation like universal background checks opens their mouth, the NRA, Breitbart and others call us gun grabbers. Even though I’ve stated a bazillion times that I respect the second amendment, they fire up their bamboozled supporters by rallying them to believe the end is near for gun owners.

We live in a country where for many, facts don’t matter, and Griffith knows this. He stood grinning next to Trump, cheering the House Healthcare bill, telling you how great it was even though it was going to kick many of his unsuspecting supporters off of their insurance coverage. We didn’t hear much from Morgan after his dear leader even called the bill “mean.” Then he was humiliated by his own party after they resoundingly rejected his amendment to gut the Congressional Budget Office because he didn’t like their confirmation that millions would lose coverage.

If Griffith was so concerned about terrorism, he would be calling for those on the no-fly list to be barred from purchasing firearms. But that would mean less gun sales and as we’ve seen from his gutless colleagues, they want even people with dementia or other age-related mental impairment to be able to buy guns. Morgan pushed the bill through Congress. Does that sound like someone who wants to keep us safe?

He won’t have a town hall meeting. He’s afraid to face people who disagree with him. His Facebook page has been overrun with people calling him out, but he doesn’t really care. He doesn’t have much to worry about, at least for now. Since Ed Gillespie helped the Koch brothers gerrymander districts in Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and North Carolina, Morgan is safe. Heck, they even went out of their way to gerrymander Morgan’s residence into the 9th district so he didn’t have to move. The courts are now weighing in on this threat to our democracy and Morgan Griffith’s complicity in it.

When a car kills 20 kids in a classroom, then we can discuss this false equivalence that Morgan Griffith regurgitates. Until then, we need to see him for what he is — a liar, a coward, and a morally bankrupt fool.