Morgan M. Johnson Arrested For Fraud After Allegedly Lying About $1 Billion Inheritance

Morgan M. Johnson, 24, may have convinced others that she stood to inherit $1 billion, but in reality all she is facing are charges of grand theft and fraud.

Johnson, of Fort Myers, Florida, allegedly told acquaintances that she would be inheriting a number of companies worth $1 billion as well as an aircraft worth $20 million from a former employee, according to ABC News. She claimed that all that stood in her way of the riches were a few financial "emergencies" that needed clearing up, such as saving her home from foreclosure and paying a transfer fee for her son's educational trust, News-Press reported.

Three family acquaintances gave Johnson over $46,000 in order to clean up her alleged "emergencies," WINK News reported. According to ABC News, fake bank documents and statements from financial advisers were provided to the lenders to verify Johnson's claims.

The News-Press reported that Johnson's scam progressed for about eight months. After some time, the scam's victims grew worried about the amount of money they were loaning Johnson, and contacted the Lee County Sheriff’s Office to suggest that Johnson may be a victim of bank fraud herself.

Johnson was arrested and released on bail on May 25, according to the News-Press.

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