The Brave Body Image Message Every Teen Should Hear (VIDEO)

The Brave Body Image Message Every Teen Should Hear (VIDEO)

As a teenager, vlogger Morgan Paige was bullied by her peers. Her body was often the target of their vicious words, and as a result, she battled depression and an eating disorder for years.

Sharing her extremely personal story on a public forum wasn't an easy decision, but Morgan wanted to help other teens who faced similar struggles. She uploaded a video on YouTube titled "Body Image." Watch above.

She said:

It got to the point where I would be in my own room, alone, and I could not wear anything that wasn't baggy -- just in front of myself. I didn't want to look at my own body, my own figure, even when I was alone. Eventually it began to affect me to such a point that I realized I had to make a change...

The truth is your body is precious, and your body is gorgeous because it's a body... Communicating and living and loving, the human body is this incredible thing, and to devalue it because it's not the shape you want it to be or the color or whatever, it doesn't make sense.

Preach, Morgan.

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