Morgan Tapp, Murfreesboro Drug Dealer, Asked Police To Find Stolen Weed: Cops

A Murfreesboro, Tennessee man had a rather dopey idea when his safe full of weed got stolen: he asked police to get it back.

19-year-old Morgan Tapp called police Aug. 1st to report an alleged home invasion, telling police that the only item stolen was his safe, according to a report by WGNS Radio.

Only a few hours later, a safe matching the description was found by detectives. As they waited for Tapp to come pick it up, a K9 officer was alerted to the safe, "indicating the odor of narcotics” was coming from inside, The Murfreesboro Post reported.

Police asked Tapp if they could open the safe.

“He agreed and opened the safe, where a half-pound of marijuana was located in glass jars, plastic bags used for redistributing marijuana, a bag with pills and $930 in U.S. currency," Detective David Harrison Jr. said.

The victim became a suspect after allegedly admitting the drug money was his, and that he sold marijuana for a living.

Tapp was arrested and charged with felony possession of a Schedule VI substance.

Confidence can be the undoing of criminals, like 25-year-old William Mavrides of Massachusets, who allegedly bragged to a plainclothes officer that he was a wanted man.

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