'Morning Joe' Pays Tribute To Beau Biden, Joe Biden's Son

Joe Scarborough's Emotional Tribute To Beau Biden

"Morning Joe" paid tribute to Joseph "Beau" Biden III, son of Vice President Joe Biden, who died of brain cancer over the weekend.

"Saturday night, Vice President Joe Biden lost the North Star in his life," host Joe Scarborough said Monday morning.

A visibly emotional Scaborough spoke directly into the camera as he detailed Biden's career as Delaware's attorney general, his accomplishments as an Iraq War veteran and his love for his family.

The loss, Scarborough said, is even more painful because of the tragedy that struck the Biden family in 1972, when the vice president's first wife and baby daughter were killed in a car accident. Beau Biden survived the crash, along with his brother Hunter.

"It's impossible to know the pain of losing one child," Scarborough said. "And the second time, the second drop of pain, which cannot forget upon the heart."

"For Joe Biden it must be unimaginable," he went on. "But Joe is Beau's dad. He will go on and he must go on. There is something beyond this."

Watch the full tribute below:

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