'Morning Joe' Mocks Herman Cain With 2011 Supercut, Leaves Joe Scarborough In Tears

The MSNBC show mocked Donald Trump's plan to nominate the former pizza executive for a Federal Reserve Board seat.

Morning Joe” took a trip down memory lane on Friday when discussing President Donald Trump’s plan to nominate GOP former presidential candidate Herman Cain for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board.

The MSNBC show broadcast an old montage mocking Cain, which it first aired in 2011 when the former pizza chain executive suspended his presidential campaign after allegations of sexual assault, harassment and adultery, which he denied.

Contributor Donny Deutsch noted that Cain was “the precursor to the 2016 nominee” Trump. “If you looked at what he was doing, the way he presented himself, the lounge act, that was a precursor to what showed up four years later,” he explained.

Co-host Joe Scarborough, however, buried his face in a tissue and pretended to cry. “Please, please, don’t talk politics at a time like this, the memories,” he joked, adding that Cain’s return to the political stage was “a special moment.”