Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Rhetoric Is Laid Bare In 'Morning Joe’ Death Count Montage

The MSNBC show looked back at the president's bombastic, shifting and often bonkers pandemic comments in the damning six-minute supercut.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday looked back at President Donald Trump’s bombastic, shifting and sometimes bonkers rhetoric about the coronavirus, as the nationwide death toll from the contagion topped 76,000.

The show’s six-minute montage (above) features the number of infections and deaths superimposed on the right side of the screen and the date of Trump’s comments to the left. The toll mounts as the record of Trump’s remarks unspools.

The video begins with Trump’s declaration on Jan. 22 that the outbreak was “totally under control.” Later, he repeatedly downplays the threat, saying the virus would “go away.” Eventually, he acknowledges the severity as he attacks the media and his predecessor.

The montage ends with Trump pondering injecting disinfectant as a treatment for COVID-19, the disease that the virus causes. The president later claimed he was trying to be sarcastic.

Check out the “Morning Joe” montage above.

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