'Morning Joe' Team Argues About Chris Wallace's Bachmann 'Flake' Question (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski argued about Chris Wallace's instantly infamous "flake" question to Michele Bachmann.

On Sunday's "Fox News Sunday," Wallace asked Bachmann, "are you a flake?" She called the question "insulting."

The question--which Wallace has apologized for asking--seemed to get on Scarborough's nerves.

"I think somebody looked like a flake in that interview, but it didn't look like Michele Bachmann," he said on Monday's "Morning Joe," adding, "I thought it was a silly question."

"Why is that a silly question?" Brzezinski cut in. "'Are you a flake?' Seriously?" Scarborough responded.

"What was he getting at?" Brzezinski asked. "I think he was getting at the fact that some people think she's a flake," Scarborough said.

"Thank you," Brzezinski said.

"So you think that's proper?" Scarborough asked her. "...I think that's a safer question to ask of conservatives, because look at not only how Republican candidates have been treated throughout the year, but how Republican presidents have been treated."