'Morning Joe' Team Skewers Palin's Paul Revere Story (VIDEO)


Sarah Palin has caught a lot of flak for her somewhat unique retelling of Paul Revere's midnight ride, but if she was seeking aid and comfort from the "Morning Joe" team on Monday, she didn't find it.

"Stop, stop, please make it stop!" Mika Brzezisnki said as the footage of Palin talking about Revere in New Hampshire played. Joe Scarborough called the moment "painful," and said, "so, Palin was right, there actually were hobbits that night aiding Paul Revere?"

When Mark Halperin called the question she was asked a "gotcha question," Scarborough said, "everything's a gotcha question with her, isn't it?" As Willie Geist played more clips of Palin, Brzezinski gave this rather priceless look to the camera:


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