'Morning Joe' Mocks Trump's Ridiculous Voter Fraud Claim With 'Simpsons' Clip

The president's image of voters in disguise also sounded like “The Onion,” said one co-host.

President Donald Trump made a voter fraud claim during a Daily Caller interview that was so hilarious (and baseless), the folks at “Morning Joe” couldn’t help but mock him with a clip from “The Simpsons.”

Trump claimed on Wednesday that voters had turned up on Election Day to cast their ballots and then retreated to their cars to change clothes so they could go back and vote again in disguise.

On Thursday, “Morning Joe” played a famous clip from “The Simpsons” in which a man who appears to be Homer in disguise tries to get into Moe’s Tavern after Moe has banned Homer for life.

“I thought it was ‘The Onion,’” said co-host Willie Geist, speaking of Trump’s quote about disguised voters.

It should be noted ― as “Simpsons” fans are bound to point out if we don’t do it here ― that the man in the clip is not Homer in a disguise, but a completely different person whose name is actually Guy Incognito.

Check out the full “Morning Joe” clip above ― and for extra credit, here’s the full “Simpsons” scene below.