Get Rid of Morning Joe

Are the programmers at MSNBC nuts? They give us refreshing afternoons with Chris and Ed, put us to bed with the clarifying sensibilities of Rachel and Keith and then, idiotically, wake us up with Mr. Small Mouth.

Who is this idiot? Why is he there? He can't even listen. He doesn't conduct a decent conversation. He runs over everyone else's words with a landslide of diarrhea. I saw him on Friday, stomping around the stage like a posturing rooster, calling Paul Krugman a political hack. Paul Krugman's a political hack? Surely they put make-up on Mr. Small Mouth. Doesn't he look in the mirror? That's where he'd see what a political hack looks like.

For god's sake, MSNBC, get rid of him, he's beneath you. This guy makes Pat Buchanan look embarrassed. Go out and get the television equivalent of David Brooks to chair your program. He'd be worth listening to. He'd give conservative opinion a rational voice. That person would be calmly articulate, and that'd make for worthwhile conversation. Reminiscent of William Safire or, better still, William F. Buckley. That'd be fair and balanced broadcasting!

And he doesn't need to be named Joe. They put calling a cup of coffee a cup of "Joe" out to pasture decades ago. Joe's a plumber now.