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Morning Links: Troops In Schools, Cell Phones And Crime, Racing Through The Streets Of North Korea

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-- DEA official says Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensaries can expect crack downs once the new state law allowing them takes effect.

-- Mark Hemingway throws some water on the Mother Jones claim that armed citizens have rarely if ever stopped a mass shooting.

-- But for video: A Denver cop may now be charged with felony for shooting a captured dog five times. The police department was ready to dismiss the incident until video shot by a neighbor contradicted police reports that the chocolate lab was "vicious" and aggressive.

-- New online marketing game lets you "race through the streets of North Korea."

-- Utah deputy under investigation for arresting sober people, charging them with DUI, then lying on the witness stand.

-- Your latest Sandy Hook overreaction: Sen. Barbara Boxer wants to put National Guard troops in the schools.

-- On a lighter note: 2012 may have been the greatest year in the history of mankind.

-- The latest attempt to explain the crime drop: cell phones!