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Morning Routine

YOUR morning routine does not need to follow a formula. The most important take-away from a morning routine should be that it motivates YOU. It should not drain you or stress you out.
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Morning routine... Everyone has one. You may not realize it, but you have a morning routine as well. The difference is that some routines are chaotic, while others are organized. Either way, it sets the tone for the day. Successful people -- presidents, CEOs, entrepreneurs, athletes -- attribute a large part of their success to their morning routine. Tony Robbins promotes taking an hour of power each morning. Steve Jobs talked about looking himself in the mirror every morning and asking himself if he would be happy with his day if it were his last. If the answer "no" too many days in a row, he knew he needed to make changes.

YOUR morning routine does not need to follow a formula. The most important take-away from a morning routine should be that it motivates YOU. It should not drain you or stress you out. Quite the opposite, your morning routine should elevate you and make you feel ready to face the day. So while you may think that rushing around looking for your keys and shoes is invigorating. It's actually draining and possibly giving you a negative outlook to the day.

My current morning routine came about gradually. I will share it with you later on so you can get an idea. But do NOT feel as though your morning routine needs to mirror mine, whether in time or tasks. Your morning routine is unique to you. It should include things that make YOU feel good!

How to Create a Morning Routine

  • Start the Night Before: Create your to-do list for the following day, set out your clothes, pack your lunch, put everything in its place before you head to bed. This will make it that much easier to get out the door with no headaches.

  • Wake Up Earlier: There is NO WAY around this one. You need to wake up a bit earlier than you already do. It could be 10 minutes earlier or an hour earlier. Bottom line, give yourself extra time. The last thing you want to do is rush through your morning routine.
  • Accomplish Tasks: This is where your own flair comes in. Choose a few (start with 2-4) tasks from the list below. Choose to do items that you are able to do and are meaningful to you. For instance, don't decide you're going to run a mile each morning if you haven't walked in ages. This will only set you up for disappointment.
    • Stretch
    • Read personal development
    • Watch/Listen to motivational speeches**
    • Have a drink (cold water, lemon water, tea, coffee, etc.)
    • Make Your Bed
    • Go For a Run
    • Yoga
    • Shower
    • Write things you are grateful for
    • Journal
    • Pray
    • Do Your Make-Up
    • Add your own
  • ** I shy away from this one because I can tend to get sucked into YouTube videos. Before I know it, I will have been at it for an hour and not really have accomplished anything. I also stay off my computer. That's another time-sucker for me!
  • Start Tomorrow: The sooner you start, the sooner you'll get into the habit. No need to wait till Monday, the first of the month, nor the first of the year.
  • Some of the items may resonate with you. Others may be a HECK NO! For instance, make-up is NOWHERE on my morning routine. But I understand there may some who enjoy doing their make-up. If that's you, ROCK ON! Add it to your list.

    Sample Morning Routine

    Like I said previously, I'm attaching my morning routine just to give you an glimpse. CREATE YOUR OWN!!! I can not stress this enough. If an item is not your thing, it'll feel unnatural and you'll eventually stop doing it. My routine takes me an hour from start to finish:

    • Oil Pull, Read Bible, and Pray (20 minutes)
    • Boil Water, Let the Dog Out, Brush Teeth, Prep Lemon Water (10 minutes)
    • Shower, Make Bed (10 minutes)
    • Journal, Read Personal Development, Drink Lemon Water (1o minutes)
    • Stretch (10 minutes)

    After that hour, my day officially begins... with a run.

    Share your morning routine with me. I'd love to hear about it! I may even add a few things to my list.

    For more morning inspiration along with fitness tips, follow Yokasta Schneider at Get U Moving Fitness.