Hurricane Sandy Causes 'Today,' 'GMA' To Cancel Halloween Specials

Halloween has been canceled -- on the morning shows, at least.

Both "Today" and "Good Morning America" announced Tuesday that they are not going ahead with their annual Halloween costume specials due to the ongoing aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Both shows -- and especially "Today" -- have become well-known for their elaborate Halloween programs. Last year, the "Today" team dressed up as the royal family, for instance.

With so much devastation from Sandy, though, it seemed like the wrong time to put on a show. NBC told the New York Times' Brian Stelter that, "given the sensitivity of this storm," the program was canceled.

"GMA" had planned a "Ghoul Morning America" extravaganza but that too was shelved.

"Due to Hurricane Sandy, 'GMA's Halloween show is canceled for tomorrow," ABC said in a statement. "'GMA' will continue to provide comprehensive coverage and report on the latest on those millions affected by the devastating storm."



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