Craig Robinson Is The Woke Dad Of The Year In This 'Morris From America' Clip

Prepare to fall in love with his co-star, Markees Christmas, too.

Craig Robinson has come a long way since breakdancing to the Backstreet Boys in heaven. Robinson’s new movie, “Morris from America,” features his best work to date ― not that he wasn’t aces in “This Is the End,” of course. 

Robinson plays a widowed soccer coach raising his titular 13-year-old son, Morris ― an aspiring rapper with a penchant for lyrics about “fuckin’ all the bitches, two at a time” ― in Germany. Morris, played by talented newcomer Markees Christmas, is struggling to fit in, until he catches the eye of an alluring female classmate. The thick father-son bond is splintered, because, c’mon, he’s 13 and all of a sudden there’s a girl in the picture. 

The Huffington Post has an exclusive clip that demonstrates Robinson and Christmas’ effortless chemistry, which becomes the film’s hallmark. “Morris from America,” which scored the screenwriting prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, is currently available on DirecTV and will open in select theaters on Aug. 19. 



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