Moschino's $736 'Dry Cleaning Bag' Dress Is Totally Sheer And Totally Cheeky

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11/07/2017 03:43pm ET

Why bother with getting your clothes dry cleaned when you can just wear the dry cleaning bag?

Back in February, Moschino debuted a trash-inspired collection that included a dress that looks like a transparent garment bag. Now, that cheeky dress is on the retail market and can be yours for a modest $736.

Browns Fashion
Moschino cape sheer overlay dress, $736 at Browns Fashion
Browns Fashion
Not included: the slip underneath. 

The “cape sheer overlay dress” is made from polyester, according to its product listing at U.K. fashion shop Browns. The “plastic bag” of the dress is printed with “Free pick up and delivery” text down the front and “We ♥️ our customers” is printed across the paper-look neckline.

The dress retails for $736 on Browns, which ships globally. It doesn’t come with a slip, however, so layering is a must if you don’t want to expose all.

Here’s what it looks like on its own, and how Moschino sent it down the runway.

Browns Fashion
Moschino cape sheer overlay dress, $736 at Browns Fashion
Pietro D'aprano via Getty Images
Not included: sock purse. 
Pietro D'aprano via Getty Images
Model Stella Maxwell wore the dress on the runway in Milan. 

Brb, we’re getting to work on some DIY hanger headbands.

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