Mosquito Sucks Blood In HD (VIDEO)

WATCH: Creepy Close View Of Mosquito Sucking Blood

We're not quite sure why YouTube user "darkschihuahua" decided to film these blood-sucking insects instead of swatting them away, but we're intrigued by the results.

The filmmaker captures a few mosquitos feasting on his arm, sacrificing his comfort for his ... art?

He writes, "I was out fishing and thought it would look cool to record some Mosquitoes suck blood in HD macro."

These aren't the only mosquitos making the news. Scientists from Imperial College London recently reported that genetically modified, spermless mosquitos could reduce the transmission of malaria. Earlier this month, mosquito samples in California tested positive for West Nile Virus.

Want to see more mosquitos up close? Check out this crazy magnified image of a mosquito's eyes.

While we don't condone the violent ending to this clip (even if it is towards a bothersome mosquito), if you're curious about what a mosquito sucking blood actually looks like, it is definitely worth a view.

WATCH (Warning: Disturbing mosquito death):

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