Mossad May Be Wrong, But What About Dubai?

Mossad May Be Wrong, But What About Dubai?
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The Dubai affair is still raging on, with no sign of abating. British police are currently in Israel investigating the alleged forging of their country's passport. The Australian government also seems to be up in arms about the affair.

The reaction of these governments is understandable. The Israeli government would also be incensed if it turned that its passports were forged by another government.

However, what the press is not addressing is the role of Hamas and Dubai in this affair.

Why is it that Mohamad Al Mabhouh was not arrested as soon as he entered Dubai? After all, he felt so confident about being there that he traveled under his real identity. The Dubai police, who claim to be so competent at tracking down the alleged Mossad operatives, would have known exactly who he is and what he does for a living.

Dubai Police Chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim recently called on Meir Dagan, the head of Mossad to "be a man" and admit that Israel stands behind the killing. Why doesn't Mr Tamim set an example and explain why terrorists are freely coming to seal weapon purchase deals under his jurisdiction? And why has Dubai been used time and again by shady characters such as the Pakistani nuclear scientist A Q Khan, who used this city to illegally sell nuclear equipment to Ayatollah Khamenei's government? Even the Iranians are admitting that agents of the Iranian Ministry of Information are operating in Dubai. This admission was made by Parviz Sorouri, MP for Tehran and a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Iranian parliament. In a recent interview with the Tehran based Khabar online agency he openly admitted that the Jundollah militant Abdolmalek Rigi was tracked by Iranian agents in Dubai, before his flight was stopped by Iranian fighter jets over Iran's airspace.

It seems that Mr Tamim has to provide some explanations himself.

The international community should also not forget who the target of the assassination was. Al Mabhouh was a senior member of a terrorist organization who openly calls for Israel's destruction and has no qualms about killing innocent Israelis. It also uses Palestinian women and children as human shield, while claiming to be their defender.

We are still not sure if Israel was behind the killing, although it is looking more and more likely. If it was the Mossad, eliminating Al Mabhouh in such a surgical operation is better than the other method of launching a missile at the car or residence of a Palestinian terrorist who deliberately surrounds himself with women and children. At least this way, the lives of many innocent bystanders were spared.

The assassination of Al Mabhouh has raised a lot of questions. Israel is not the only country who has to provide the answers. To prevent similar events from happening in the future, questions about other countries and groups have to be addressed as well.

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