The 8 Most Amazing Treehouses In The World, Including One That 'Hovers' (PHOTOS)

These high-style structures make sleeping outdoors a luxury, not a sacrifice.

We've seen some pretty impressive treehouses, but none so far can compare to the unique structures Architectural Digest recently highlighted. The eight we are featuring have us completely rethinking our small apartments and considering living high in the sky. We think you'll feel the same way once you get a look at these.

Located in Italy, this home is part of La Piantata Bed and Breakfast. The lavender field just ups this place's awesomeness.
tree houses
Photo: Maurizio Brera

This home hovers above stunning Cherry Blossom trees in Japan. But don't worry about its support system, architect Terunobu Fujimori designed it to sway with tree during windy weather.
tree houses
Photo: Akihisa Masuda, courtesy of Taschen

Created by German design firm Baumraum, these cabins are completely eco-friendly.
tree houses
Photo: Markus Bollen

OK, so you can't actually live in this California structure, but its owner, Doors guitarist Robby Krieger, uses it to relax.
tree houses
Photo: Dustin Feider

High in the sky in China, this vacation rental can accomodate six people.
tree houses
Photo: Shi Huai Xun for treehousesofhawai

Located at the Treehotel in Sweden, this cube's mirrored glass material gives it such a unique look.
tree houses
Photo: Peter Lundstrom, WDO

This structure is built around a pear tree in Germany and was a gift from a wife to one lucky husband.
tree houses
Photo: Alasdair Jardine

No, this isn't a lantern, the cedar-frame home in Toronto is just an illuminating space.
tree houses
Photo: Courtesy of Four O Nine

Click through our slideshow to see other awesome treehouses, and be sure to head over to Architectural Digest for more information.

Cool Treehouses

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