The Most Sought-After Employers In The World: Universum (PHOTOS)

Where does the world want to work most? Employer branding firm Universum asked a group of 130,000 student job seekers living in the world's 12 largest economies to select an "ideal employer." The company then ranked the top 50 global companies based on the frequency with which they were selected.

This year Universum's target group selected IT and auditing firms as their ideal employer most frequently, while companies in the banking, investment and consulting industries dropped the most in Universum's ranking. "Due to the banking and investment sector being perceived as responsible for one of the world's largest economic meltdowns in history, employers in the industry have lost their appeal as a great place to kick-start one's career," Universum's CEO Michal Kalinowski said in a statement.

Have they? Goldman Sachs, possibly the one bank still operating that is most often associated with the crisis, ranked tenth on Universum's list. JP Morgan was ranked just above them.

It's possible that, in answering Universum's survey, students paid less attention to the toxic securities Goldman and JP Morgan sold to the public, and more attention to the attractive bonuses their traders earn. Click here for a complete list of Universum's top 50 most attractive employers in the world, and below are the 12 most attractive employers in the world, according to Universum:

The Most Sought-After Employers In The World