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Most Beautiful Royals: Princess Grace, Kate Middleton, Princess Diana & More (PHOTOS, POLL), a website devoted to beautiful people, polled 127,000 of its most beautiful users to see who they thought was the most beautiful royal of all beautiful time.

Coming in at number one -- well we won't ruin it for you, but let's just say Kate Middleton beat out Diana, a "big surprise" according to managing director of the site Greg Hodge. He told the New York Post, "Unlike Diana, who grew into her role, Kate Middleton comes in very fashion-forward. She's living this fairy tale, and is about to become the most famous princess in the world."

Hodge added, "The British royals are typically very horsey-looking. Diana certainly improved the...gene pool, and we hope that Kate will do the same." How beautifully put!

Take a look at the rankings and tell us if you agree or disagree.

(All photos by Getty or AP)