Most Charitable Companies 2012: 10 Big Businesses That Donated Most Cash: Chronicle Of Philanthropy

Walmart No Longer Most Charitable Big U.S. Company: Report
business man holding money in...
business man holding money in...

Though giving is still far below pre-recession levels, charity from the big business sector rose last year -- but not by much.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently released a report ranking 2012's top 10 most charitable big companies in the U.S. The study reveals that big businesses got a tad bit more generous in 2012, with their total donations growing by 2.7 percent.

Not all businesses represented the overall trend, however. Walmart, which has ranked first for the past seven years, according to the Chronicle, fell to second place in 2012 with total donations of $311.6 million. Its share of pretax profits donated in 2011 was 4.1 percent, compared to 1.3 percent in 2012.

The news outlet surveyed 300 top-ranking companies listed in Fortune 500's annual largest corporations report, the Chronicle's Marisa López-Rivera reports. The survey's analysis is based on each company's total cash and product donations.

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No. 10. Google

The 10 Companies That Donated the Most Cash in 2012

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