The 39 Most College Things To Ever Happen

College isn't all about togas anymore.

The contemporary college experience is a place of MacGyver-esque innovation, where time and effort that could be used studying is often instead put toward inventing even more elaborate ways to party, pizza, Pokémon, Potter (Harry, of course) or simply procrastinate. Below are some photos of the most college things to ever happen.

These moments are all sooo college.

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1. The professor who skates to work.

2. A heartbreaking work of staggering genius.

3. The gas station that was ready for the start of a new semester.

4. An RA board that isn't exactly about Poké balls.

5. A transportation rack for all rides of life.

6. A pretty normal afternoon.

7. And a regular Wednesday evening.

8. This.

9. The last day of "No Shave November" in a male dorm.

10. A 3-tier fountain of beer.

11. The only logical way to keep warm on a snowy night.

12. All those care packages transformed into a robot.

13. A classic studying technique.

14. Drawers full of campus freebies.

15. A Slip'N Slide for big kids.

16. The PBReindeer.

17. A ramen aisle laid to waste.

18. Quidditch in the quad.

19. Poor art students.

20. This impressive tower of pizza that probably wasn't constructed intentionally.

21. The realization that ice packs cost money.

22. Campus fashion.

23. This very magical pink unicorn bike.

24. Hammock parties > all other parties.

25. A visit from the Spaghetti Monster.

26. A student publication that focuses on the real issues.

27. When dreams do come true.

28. Typical winter fashion on campus.

29. This Nicolas Cage cape.

30. The President's no longer secret bow-tie collection.

31. Truly camping out in the library.

32. This student who built a homemade flamethrower to become "Arcade Fire."

33. What pong looks like at Hogwarts.

34. The jazz master.

35. The realization that even legends had to deal with dorm rooms.

36. A very spooky care package.

37. An unfortunately timed fire drill.

38. This caf's interpretation of mac and cheese.

39. And finally, getting to start the game that never ends.



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