Most Common Birthdays: Infographic Shows Number Of Babies Born On Every Day Of The Year

LOOK: How Common Are Your Kids' Birthdays? (INFOGRAPHIC)

If your child was born on Christmas, you may hear complaints about fewer birthday presents than other kids and more holiday hoo-ha to contend with. (Both most definitely first-world problems.)

As it turns out, Christmas birthdays are not only unfortunate -- they're also almost uniquely uncommon. In fact, December 25 is the least common birthday out of all the days of the year save the one that doesn't even occur annually -- February 29. According to data put together by Harvard's Amitabh Chandra, which the New York Times published in raw form in 2006, it was the least common birth date for more than two decades in the late 20th century; September 16 comes in at the other end of the spectrum, as the most common date for babies to be born.

On Monday, Andy Kriebel of VizWiz pulled all the data and made the below interactive infographic in Tableau. He modeled his version on another heat map of the same figures created over the weekend by NPR's Matt Stiles, but Kriebel's is fully technologically tricked out. Mouse over individual dates below to see exactly where your birthday -- and your kids' -- ranks.

Of course, the designer doesn't include any tips for awkward conversations that might ensue when it dawns on kids who were born on the most popular date what happened nine months earlier. As Gawker points out about using the tool to figure out popular baby-making days: "Let's just say it takes a lot of alcohol to get through the holiday season in one piece."

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