11 Of The Nation's 100 Most Dangerous Cities Are In Florida


Florida may be just the fourth most populous state in the U.S., but it contains more of nation's 100 most dangerous cities -- a total of 11 -- than any other state, including California (10), Texas (five), and New York (four).

That's according to, which just released a new list for 2014 based on the number of local violent crimes reported to the FBI and the population of each city.

"We accomplish this by collecting raw crime data from all 17,000 law enforcement agencies in America," explains the site. "...This method provides an accurate representation of the complete number and types of crimes that truly occur within any city or town, not just crimes reported by a single municipal agency."

We won't spoil the number one spot for you -- click over to for that -- but below, check out the Sunshine State cities that earned dubious slots among the nation's 100 most dangerous:

90. Lauderdale Lakes

Most Dangerous Cities In Florida, According To Neighborhood Scout

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