Most Dangerous Global Warming Deniers (SLIDESHOW, POLL)

According to a new survey, the number of Americans who believe that climate change is connected to human-caused pollution (AKA Global Warming) is at its lowest point in three years. Only 57% of Americans now believe this inconvenient truth -- down from 77% in 2006, when Al Gore's film was released.

Maybe this disturbing trend is due to climate lobbyists and certain conservative politicians and pundits going all out for years now, trying to persuade the public that the growing mountain of scientific evidence supporting global warming is FAKE. Says climate professor Andrew Weaver, "It's a combination of poor communication by scientists, a lousy summer in the Eastern United States, people mixing up weather and climate and a full-court press by public relations firms and lobby groups trying to instill a sense of uncertainty and confusion in the public."

So in honor of this troubling survey, HuffPost's No Impact Week, and the upcoming International Day Of Climate Action we bring you the who's who of climate change deniers and the question: who's the most dangerous global warming denier of them all? Let's be clear: an overwhelming majority of the legitimate scientific community has said that global warming is real, and caused by humans. These folks are declaring otherwise. The contenders are below.

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